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Saying goodbye to summer, looking forward to fall

Hello! I hope everyone reading this is healthy, has had chances to enjoy the summer and is ready to start whatever awaits them this fall. With school starting in Darien next week and life ramping back up, I wanted to announce that I am booking fall mini sessions. I will be holding one day of minis in mid September and one in early November; I am also happy to schedule private sessions for anyone who might want more than 20 minutes and the freedom to choose the day and time. Please reach out if you'd like more info

Having spent the past week editing photos from this summer, I realized just how much fun my family has managed to have. The highlight of our summer was spending two weeks with my parents, brother and his family at our shared lake house. It has been my family's summer tradition for 38 years and I am thrilled to see my kids' love of the house match my own. I am also painfully aware that I am not in many photos.

To the the primary photo-takers of the family: please make a point to get in front of the lens. Luckily, I was able to hand my camera to my brother to prove I was there. I could crop and center it, but I don't want to cut out the gorgeous setting so I'm leaving it as is.

I am so grateful for this photo!

I will forever see this shot and know that despite a summer of cancelled camps, funky home haircuts and long empty days together, we made happy memories. Up at the lake, I found an old copy of the book Frederick by Leo Lionni and read it to my boys. In it, a family of mice prepares for the winter by collecting food, but one mouse chooses to collect words, colors and memories instead. And when all the food runs out, Frederick helps his family get through the winter by reciting poems and having them close their eyes and remember the warmth and colors of the summer. I told my boys that at some point this school year we might need to hunker down again and that the memories of our good times will help get us through. Photos will definitely help with that.

I hope you have had some fun these past few months; let me know if I can help capture some smiles with everyone (centered) in the frame.

- Jess

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